A Permanent Solution for the A83 Rest and Be Thankful

For several years now, residents and businesses across Argyll and Bute and further afield have seen one of the main roads linking Argyll to the rest of Scotland partially closed off because of landslides.

The Rest and Be Thankful section of the A83 road is an iconic stretch of road, with stunning scenery around it, and a long and proud history in the surrounding area. Above all else, it is a vital section of road, linking communities across Argyll to the Central Belt of Scotland, including Kintyre, Cowal, and Mid-Argyll.

There have been multiple instances of landslides blocking this section of road over many years, and despite recent investment on landslide mitigation measures, these problems persist.

Blockages to the road can be devastating for the local economy and for businesses, as well as being severely disruptive for local residents given the limited travel options available as an alternative to the A83.

It is clear that a permanent solution is required, which ensures that the A83 is fully accessible all year round, and that the uncertainty caused by landslides is avoided as best as practicably possible.


OCTOBER 2018 - Donald launches a petition to the Scottish Government and Transport Secretary calling for a permanent solution. See the petition here.

JANUARY 2019 - Donald raised questions in the Scottish Parliament with the Transport Secretary about whether or not mitigation measures would work. See the exchange here.

JANUARY 2020 - Following another major landslip, Donald raised the matter with the First Minister, and made the point that pasting over the cracks is not working, and that a permanent solution is needed. See the exchange here.

MARCH 2020 - Donald pressed the Transport Secretary on the need for a permanent solution for the Rest and Be Thankful during an evidence session of the Public Petitions Committee. See the exchange here.