Cameron adds name to proposed disability Bill

Highlands and Islands MSP Donald Cameron has given his backing to a proposed Bill which aims to improve outcomes for children and young people with a disability in the transition to adulthood.

The proposed Disabled Children and Young People (Transitions) (Scotland) Bill, which is being led through Parliament by Johann Lamont MSP, would require local authorities to introduce a transitions plan to ensure children and young person with a disability receive appropriate care and support before, and during, the transition to adulthood; and for connected purposes.

It would also mandate the Scottish Government to introduce and implement a National Transitions Strategy.

Following conversations with leading charity Camphill Scotland, Donald Cameron MSP has added his name to a growing list of MSP supporters.

Donald Cameron MSP said:

“Children and young people living with disabilities face many unique challenges as they grow up, and it seems sensible to ensure that there are appropriate support structures in place, and that they are backed up by law.

I am happy to add my support to the principles of the Bill, and look forward to debating it further as it progresses through the Scottish Parliament.

Emma Walker, Director of Camphill Scotland said:

“Every child growing up in Scotland deserves the best start as they progress to adulthood.  The legal right to a Transitions Plan for young people living with a disability or a long term health condition would ensure that every child receives the support that they need in every aspect of their lives.

Camphill Scotland is delighted that Donald Cameron MSP is backing the Transitions Scotland Bill and  in doing so recognises that the current non-mandatory guidelines are simply not enough to ensure that we deliver the best outcome for every young person and their family.”