MSP Writes to US Ambassador Over Whisky Tariff Row

Highlands and Islands MSP Donald Cameron is urging the American ambassador to intervene in the trade war between the EU and the US which has led to a 25% tariff being placed on Scotch whisky exports to the United States.

Mr Cameron has written to Ambassador Woody Johnson expressing his concern for the local whisky industry, particularly small distilleries.

Donald Cameron MSP said:

“The bonds of family and friendship between the United States and the Highlands and Islands go back many generations.

“And that enduring link is very well symbolised by the enduring popularity of Scotch whisky with many millions of discerning American consumers.

“It is therefore hugely disappointing that a trade dispute with the EU over airliners is threatening to put this fantastic product out of the reach of some of those consumers.

“I very much hope that the ambassador is able to make representations so that the tariffs can be withdrawn and our friends across the water can continue to enjoy a dram at a reasonable price.”